CZ Move a success!

It wasn’t without some hiccups, but we’ve successfully completed our office move. We’re really enjoying the new office. The management at the new building is exceptional, and the lobby area just underwent a complete renovation. There’s also a large outdoor courtyard with several grills. When the weather’s nice, we often eat out in the courtyard, and we’re planning some office BBQs sometime before it gets too cold. The new office furniture is welcome, especially our new adjustable desks that let us switch from sitting to standing throughout the day – nice when you have to spend a lot of time at your desk.

Our old office had separate rooms, but this one is just one open space. The openness is nice – makes it easy to collaborate and all that. The issue is noise from our test servers, which now have to share the room with us. We’ve mostly solved this (and hidden a lot of messy cables) with our new sound absorbing wall – check it out:


We alplantyso got some new plants, my favorite’s the tropical looking “corn plant” (Dracaena Massangeana). We’ll see how long we can keep these babies alive, but, at the moment, they’re a nice addition to our office.

We had an issue with clutter at the old space – lots of papers, old computer equipment, and books lying around. To reduce clutter in the new space, we bought additional doored storage, making it easy to conceal all the stuff!

The move itself wasn’t bad. Since we got new furniture, it was basically just our computers, servers, related equipment, and personal effects. The only issue was getting our phone, internet service, and our phone PBX box set up. After the first week we got everything straightened out and haven’t had any issues since then.

In case you missed it in the last post, our new address is:

Corporate Zen
4001 9th Street North
Suite 221
Arlington, VA 22203

Give us a call if you’re ever in the neighborhood, and maybe we can meet up for a drink or something.

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