I can’t say enough about Corporate Zen and the impact they have had on my business. Sure they are easy to work with and have saved us thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars but that’s not why I recommend them. Corporate Zen and their team took our idea for a custom help desk application, expanded on it and made it come to life. This web application has reduced our monthly invoicing cycle from 8-12 hours to less than 1; has reduced errors in time tracking; and has given me the ability to see up-to-the-minute sales and status of our field engineers & client technical issues. In addition, we have a centralized document repository and note features that are more technologically advanced than any commercially available product. The development cycle was short and bug fixes have always been completed within minutes instead of hours or days as was our experience with other developers.

Thanks CZ. We really appreciate you guys!

Mike LawManaging MemberQualatech Computer Consulting, LLC

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