We at Corporate Zen work by the mantra that your website does not have to just be a simple face for your company. It can and should be a full-fledged portal for any needs you or your customers should have in this ever-changing and dynamic business marketplace.  We recognize that sometimes the best solution for your website is a customized application. This allows us to tailor the functionality of the website to the requirements of your business.

Our custom developed Document Repositories allow you to have any mission-critical invoices, statements, or presentations available to you and your employees at the click of a button. Any internal support you should need is easily handled through our robust ticket system, giving you the power to constantly be knowledgeable about what is going on with your business and web site. Do you have a call center, or are you looking at using one? We have an application to handle it.  The possibilities are endless. Your custom web site will not only complement your business, but foster its growth as well.